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On purchase, it signifies that you have adhered to the legally binding website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (as referenced). The Privacy Policy and terms of use are applicable to all users on the website, irrespective of whether they (users) make a purchase or not while it is applicable to registered users that are registered and authorized to transact business on the website (members).

Jewelschoice.com (referred to as company) withholds the right to modify/terminate the website/portion of website or any services that the company offers for any reason. This can be done without any notice or liability to any third party or customer. Customer can review Terms of Use constantly to be updated to the changes. There are no third party beneficiaries or right given to them in the Terms of Use.

Dispatch : After the order is placed, customer care representative might call the customer to verify and confirm the order. Only after the verification question has been answered correctly, shall the company process the order. Depending upon the order of the jewellery.

Jewellery : Order will be placed for the jewellery and delivered within the said time span.

Availability of Product : It is possible that Jewelschoice.com does not own the diamonds and other jewellery/products listed at the website and in such a situation, the website will order the products as listed from third party manufacturers. Traders and merchants but only after the member confirm that order and delivery is done. But if the product as listed has been traded, it might be out of stock.

Prices and grading are subjective of the information given by the laboratory/ professional assessors. Due to system errors, inaccurate data might be displayed on the website. Jewelschoice.com has the right to corroborate/correct any or all errors as they occur but the company does not stand-by/honor any inaccurate prices displayed due to the errors.

Prices displayed on the website are subject to change without any notice and on orders, the current price displayed is the prevailing price as per the day the order has been placed/completed. All prices displayed on the Jewelschoice.com website are final, non-negotiable and fixed.

Shipping and Delivery

Members have to disclose the address for delivery and details of the individual that will collect the jewellery shipment, when the member purchases. The member needs to state the complete name of the recipient as provided in the government photo ID card. The shipped physical package will only be given to the individual after the approved photo ID is provided. Some of the government approved photo ID includes Driver’s License, Ration card, Pan Card, Passport and Voters ID. Only after the ID is verified and confirmed, the delivery shall be made by the courier representative.

Photo ID details shall be noted by the courier agent and members are requested to cooperate. The courier will try and deliver 2 times to the said recipient before the package is sent back to Jewelschoice.com. The member is liable to be charged the cost of handling and re-shipping in case of non-delivery. The courier company terms and conditions apply on the delivery guarantee and if there is any mistake/inconsistency in the address, it will lead to non-delivery of the package.

Insurance : At Jewelschoice.com, insurance is only available during transit and is valid till the time of delivery.

Promo code utilization as per Company rules

• Jewelschoice.com reserves the right to refuse promo code usage at any time and expired promo codes are not valid on the website.
• Jewelschoice.com has the right to ask for proof of promo anytime from the member.
• On offline payments, promo codes will be accepted before/on the date of promo code expiry.
• All payments received after the promo code has expired will not be given the discount on that order.
• No other discount/special offers can be clubbed with the promo codes on the website.
• Only on specific orders at Jewelschoice.com can the promo codes be used.
• It is at the discretion of Jewelschoice.com that promo codes are applicable on specific dates/orders/occasions.

Using the website- terms and conditions

As a user and/or member, with the use of this website, you adhere to, represent that :

• You are 18 years old or over the age of 18 years.
• By the use of this website, you shall not violate any applicable regulation or law.
• The information that you have provided is accurate and factual. You adhere to the provision of maintaining the accuracy of the information.
• As a member, you shall only use the website for your non-commercial/personal use. It is prohibited to use the website or its related products for anything else.
• You shall only use the website for non-commercial use and it is subjected to strict adherence to restrictions such as :
i.You cannot modify/change any content on the website that includes sale, prices, display, code, script and rental.
ii. You cannot decompile, disassemble any content.
iii. You cannot eliminate/remove the trademark registration, proprietary notices or remove any © copyright.
iv.You have to agree that you cannot use or access the website in any way that can be harmful for Jewelschoice.com operations or the content.

You cannot
(i) utilize any product/service at Jewelschoice.com website for commercial gains or purposes.
(ii) sell/advertise any diamond/jewellery/product (irrespective of profits or not) or solicit others (which includes without limitations for contribution, donations) or use it at public places/forums for commercial gains. or
(iii) Use the Jewelschoice.com website and related services in any manner that is unlawful, harms the company/personnel or any entity as determined by the company, Jewelschoice.com discretion.

You cannot/will not submit post, distribute, upload or electronically transmit or avail any software/computer file that contain harmful components (bugs or virus) or damage the website, its related services and network. Neither can you interfere with any person’s use of the website and relate services.

You shall not partake/engage in destructive, anti-social or disrupting acts including, but not limited to ‘phishing’, ‘flaming’, ‘trolling’, ‘spamming’, ‘flooding’, as understood by the Internet terms.

You cannot delete any Jewelschoice.com content not limited to disclaimers, legal notices, copyrights, logos, trademark symbols that you do not have permission to change or modify.

Jewelschoice.com cannot give an assurance that users will comply with the specifically mentioned rules or all the provisions of the Terms of Use as mentioned between you as user/ customer and website. But you as user/customer assume all risks and penalties/harm/injury that results due to lack of compliance with the said regulations.

All available material, information and content on Jewelschoice.com website and relate services is copyright property of the company. Service marks, trademarks, trade dress and trade names are Jewelschoice.com proprietary and thus, no information, material or content can be uploaded, republished, copied or reproduced, electronically distributed in any way without the written approval and permission of Jewelschoice.com

You need to acknowledge that after browsing our website, Jewelschoice.com, the new URL/site you enter is not supervised/ controlled by Jewelschoice.com and a new set of Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions are applicable. By browsing on other sites, you agree that our website/company namely, Jewelschoice.com is not legally responsible for any of the other sites you browse. We, Jewelschoice.com have the right to disable all links for any/all third-party to our website, even though there is no obligation to take this step.

You completely agree and understand that :

The content, information and material on the website, Jewelschoice.com and related services have been provided on “as available” and “as is” basis. All the subsidiaries, officers, affiliates, agents, employees, licensors and partners disclaim or do not claim to provide all/any warranty, implied or expressed, which encompass merchantability, implied warranties, non-infringement and fitness for specific purpose.

Jewelschoice.com takes care and reasonable effort to ensure that the products listed for sale on the website are as correct and accurate as possible. But Jewelschoice.com does not provide any guarantee that the colors, images and details available on your monitor will be as accurate.

Jewelschoice.com does not guarantee that the content, product descriptions are complete, current and reliable. Though all efforts are made to ensure accuracy in price and descriptions, if any item is incorrectly priced, Jewelschoice.com reserves the right not to sell it.

You completely understand that under any circumstances, not limited to, but including negligence will the company/website be liable to you/other person indirectly, directly or any direct compensation for damages, loss of goodwill and profit, due to (i)inability to use the website, (ii) cost of sourcing of services, substitute goods that result from any information, data or services that are obtained from the website (iii)illegal or unauthorized access to or change of your data (iv) conduct and/or statements of any third party on the Jewelschoice.com website.

Jewelschoice.com or any of the company’s distributors, suppliers and service providers can be bereft of responsibilities due to non-compliance of duties or failure of performance that may result due to direct or indirect causes that are beyond the company’s control including but not limited to electrical failure, war, Act of God, natural disasters, labor disputes, strikes, civil disturbances, riots or diminished supply of material and labor.

You agree and acknowledge that the company and related resellers, service providers and distributors are NOT liable or responsible for (i) non-compatibility of JewelsChoice.com website and any other site, software, service and hardware (ii) failure or delay that you may encounter with transactions that relate to the website in respect to timeliness.

Each clause, paragraph and other provisions of these terms and conditions are severable and independent from each other and for any reason, if any specific clause, paragraph, provision is held invalid or not enforceable that cannot affect the validity and enforceability of the other terms and conditions of use. It will be read with full effect and be a valid term of use as it is not contrary to any provisions of law.

Users/customers and others that access the website and related services do it at their own discretion and are responsible for compiling with all local laws. All the terms of Use of this website are governed as per the laws of India. Any legal proceeding, action or suit that is commenced for any matter as per the services of the website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai.

If the user breaches the terms and Conditions as given on the website, the user is held liable to all the losses, costs and damages caused to Jewelschoice.com due to the beach. Further if the user breaches the terms of use, you agree as a user that Jewelschoice.com shall be harmed irreparably and shall not have money or damages for remedial measures. Thus, it is entitled under such circumstances to bring on an injunction against the beach of terms of Use from any of the courts of jurisdiction on request immediately. Jewelschoice.com shall retain the right to get judicial relief and it shall not limit the basic rights to obtain other remedial measures.

Even if Jewelschoice.com fails to enforce or exercise any such rights or other provisions in terms of Use, it shall not be constituted as waiver of provisions or rights. I have read and understood the Terms of Use and agree to all of the above mentioned provisions.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us.