About Us

Gold a particle derived from supernova has fascinated mankind from time in memorial and to this fascination we submit. Ornaments and jewellery depict who we are. Gold has also been an investment of choice, never fading in value.

We at Jewelschoice.com have envisaged to present to our customers an array of fashion accessories crafted from this noble yellow metal, some embedded with precious stones and gem stones.

Having said this we understand that the well informed customer of today looks for economy and value. Keeping this in mind we have added many features like get Quote and have ensured that we have the best rates compared to any competition with all necessary certifications of trust.

The Promoters:
Rajesh Soni a goldsmith by birth and passion has over 2 decades of experience in visualising designing manufacturing and retailing of gold and diamond jewellery. His acute understanding of fashion trends and customer mind-set is second to none